About Us

AX Consultants is dedicated to providing value to your Dynamics AX investment. The most experienced, skilled, and efficient AX resources you could ever want or need. That's it, "it's what we are, pure and simple".


AX Consultants is not about trainees implementing your ERP system, with little or no experience actually implementing AX let alone ERP.  We're not about selling something we can't implement or that won't provide our clients with the value they're seeking.

AX Consultants is all about providing value to your AX projects by utilizing our experience in AX, our experience in industries,  our experience in implementing ERP projects, our experience with clients of all sizes, our experience with applying technologies  to practically solve your business challenges.

Formed in 2008, AX Consultants is driven by a personal, yet results-focused relationship with its clients, which can't be matched by larger partner organizations.

From the President....

"Too many companies suffer from poor ERP implementations.  Our business is to make our clients' business better, with better use of Dynamics AX."
                                                                                                                                                                    Rich Blott    BIO