Dynamics AX New Implementations

Our approach increasingly empowers client organizations during the implementation process to provide successful self-sufficiency after implementation. A full set of supporting implementation tools provide both the consulting team and the client team clarity and common understanding of the project status and next steps throughout the implementation process.

We provide a clear path through the implementation, leading to successful use of the system.  We start with a clear concept of how you can accomplish your business activities and objectives in Dynamics AX.  Phases of training, system setup, testing, more testing and a smooth go-live follow on the implementation path. If new functionality is required to achieve your objectives, accomplish your tasks or give your company a competitive advantage, we insure that your modifications are properly designed and programmed to enhance your system.

Dynamics AX Post Implementation


Are you experiencing any of these issues?


      • Personnel not properly trained
      • Not getting the financial results/reports with valid data
      • Cannot trace financial transactions
      • Not getting the required operations visibility
      • Cannot find product in inventory
      • Do not have the correct materials in inventory
      • Do not know what to purchase
      • Costs appear to be incorrect
      • Receive posting errors and warnings
      • Cannot get answers to questions


AX Consultants has developed an expertise in fixing issues during or after your implementation. This is a unique skillset. You are about to Go Live or have already been running your business on Dynamics AX. but the output is not what you need. You need problems fixed but how?  We have the expertise to;


      • Analyze functionality issues, determine cause and recommend resolutions
      • Work with previously modified applications to maintain or improve system/business synergy
      • Work with stressed and stretched organizations needing support to maintain sanity
      • Successfully upgrade or re-implement AX or portions of the application
      • Work with existing or new third party applications/vendors 
      • Project management unique activities or timelines required to fix issues



Atlas Implementations and Reporting

AX Consultants can get you started using the Atlas product with user training and support with your first few templates and reports.  We can also handle your complex requirements for data reporting and uploads into Dynamics AX.